"If you want to understand the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration"

It doesn’t take much knowledge nor a lot of money for you to take advantage of the crystal's magic, it is enough to have the willingness to explore with an open mind so that little by little you start enjoying the healing, protective, invigorating and relaxing energy (among others) that these minerals from the stars provide us.

All atoms in the Universe are in constant motion as all matter is surrounded by its own vibrational field. The crystals are special because their atoms move to the pace of a symmetrical pattern known as crystal structure, which causes them to be extremely powerful transmitters of vibration and energy.

The universal principles that rule the planets are also seen at a much lower level in the crystals. And just as each planet in astrology has its own personality, each crystal has a particular stamp with metaphysical qualities that arise from its association with its planet.

All of the zodiac signs have wonderful qualities associated with them as well as weaknesses that each one of them must face. For this, there are crystals associated with each sign that can fill with brightness and improve the well-being of the people who use them.

If you want to start 2019 at full throttle and embrace the wonders that Nature provides, take a look at the list below for the stone that I recommend to use as a talisman for each zodiac sign. It is important to mention that we can all benefit from the magic of more than one crystal, but for the purpose of this article I only mention one stone per sign.



If you are Aries and you love action, physical activities, and extreme sports, the Bloodstone is one of the most symbolic talismans for you. This mineral, associated with mars’ energy, is known for its ability to increase courage and physical strength and is considered the perfect amulet for protection.

Mystics love this stone for its energetic potential that helps securing the relationship with Mother Earth, providing energy that facilitates the conscious connection between the inner self and the life force energy. Take this crystal with you so it can help you stay constant in your goals and to stay focused on your purpose.



The Emerald, linked to Venus, abundance, and good luck, is one of the favorite gems of the taureans. Because people born under this zodiac sign usually have an inclination to possess, this stone subtly transmits an energy that increases the willingness to share, providing serenity and strength. The Emerald is also considered to have healing powers, providing energy to improve health problems related to the spine, fertility, headaches, and vision.

To manifest the magic of this precious stone known to be used by Cleopatra, put it in your heart chakra and imagine that it emits a green light that fills every particle of your heart with feelings of love, health, and unlimited wealth.



If you are Gemini and often feel anxious or out of focus, the Agate is one of the minerals that I recommend to always have with you. This shielding stone can be found around the world in all shades of the rainbow and has been used for thousands of years as a magical amulet due to its calming effect and ability to keep its users connected to Mother Earth.

The Blue Agate is a strong ally for the Gemini because it encourages concentration and increases verbal skills (common feature among this zodiac sign) aiding free expression of ideas and feelings. To take advantage of the soft energy of this crystal, place it against the throat chakra and visualize how it transmits its blue light activating every cell of your thyroid gland.



Filled with feminine divinity and cosmic magic, the Moonstone is the favorite mineral for those of this sign. Being the Moon its ruling planet, connecting with the energy of this stone can help the Cancerians to learn listening their intuition in order to facilitate the decision making in their daily life. Since they’re usually very sentimental and emotional, Moonstone is the perfect companion to appease hormones, tuning the female cycle to the lunar cycle.

Meditate with this mineral on the third eye, visualizing a white light activating your pineal gland to enter the dimension of the subconscious and thus receive cosmic inspiration and sensuality.



Pyrite "stone that ignites fire" is a very beneficial mineral for Leos as it reflects the light of the Sun, the ruling planet of this sign. Filled with metaphysical properties, this stone carries overloaded energy to encourage creativity, productivity, action, and safety.

Bring a Pyrite in your purse to manifest economic abundance and place it in a space where you want to feel energized and inspired, preferably not in the room where you sleep because its energy can be very intense. Meditate with a Pyrite on your belly, and visualize how it ignites fire burning any feelings of insecurity and reluctance that you may have.



For anyone who is reading this should not be a secret the fact that Virgos are usually extremely perfectionist and methodical which is a quality that distinguishes them but is also a weakness that could affect their mental and physical health if they don’t do anything to control it . For this reason, the Carnelian is one of the favorite crystals for people of this sign thanks to its vitalizing energy that drives feelings of optimism and enthusiasm, perfect when things don’t go as expected. This gem is also known for generating mental clarity and safety, thus helping its users to appreciate the lessons of life.

Place a carnelian on your root or sacral chakra, visualize an orange flame that forms a balloon and imagine that you blow it surrendering it to the Universe while repeating the following sentence: "I encourage positive change and I share my talents with the world". Remember that you’re perfect as you are and you don’t need anyone's approval nor to change the world to be genuinely happy.



People of this sign, who normally don’t like confrontation, can be greatly benefited by the serene and truthful energy of Lapis Lazuli. Libras with their charisma and kindness are able to captivate anyone, and they usually tend to strive exceedingly to keep "everyone" happy which often ends up causing them stress and loss of their balance. For this reason, it is recommended that they keep around a Lapis Lazuli that helps them stay objective and balanced in every situation that comes in their way.

It isn’t recommended to have this gem in the room where you sleep nor take it with you everywhere you go because its energy can be very intense. It’s better to keep the Lapis Lazuli on an altar or place it at your home in a space where you feel safe and calm. Place this crystal on your throat chakra or third eye (a little above the eyebrows) and absorb the wisdom that this powerful stone has for you.



The Topaz is a fantastic stone for neutralizing the emotional ups and downs of people of this sign whose ruling planet is Pluto. This protective crystal elevates the scorpions in the fall, stimulating their spiritual powers and helping them to be more loyal and constant. The Topaz provides an energy of peace that harmonizes the body and mind plus balancing the nervous system.

Meditate with this gem on the solar plexus chakra visualizing that a yellow light like the Sun enters to you moving like a spiral filling yourself with wisdom and superpowers to achieve everything you set out to do.



The Turquoise, one of the favorite stones among indigenous cultures and glamorous bohemians, is the recommended gem for Sagittarians to take with them as their personal amulet. This crystal helps with the effective energy transmission of the planet Jupiter generating a protective and healing impact that aligns the vibrations of its users to the cycles of nature. The Turquoise, likewise, has the capacity to absorb negative feelings, stimulates creativity, and balances emotions.

Meditate with this amulet full of wisdom from earth on your throat chakra to help you freeing yourself from inhibitions and to get the answers you are looking for within you. You can also place it on your third eye to calm your mind and thus listen to your intuition.



The lucky charm for the Capricornians is the versatile Garnet. The use of this crystal can help its users to be more confident of themselves and to feel fulfilled and optimistic, so that they can go through this life in a calmer way without needing to seek the approval of others. Garnet is said to relieve anxiety and stimulate an energy increase at times when one feel that efforts are not fruitful nor as fast as expected. This crystal is closely related to passion, creativity, and sensuality so if you are one of those who like sexual exploration, always have one Garnet under your bed.

To relieve anxiety, place a Garnet on the wrist pulse, close your eyes for three minutes and become aware of your breathing. Observe how the "mood" changes and enjoy it.



The Aquamarine is one of the favorite stones of Aquarians because it transmits compassionate, loving, and calming energy, cleansing negative emotions. Known as the "treasure of the mermaids" this is a healing gem that reconnects with water, deepens meditative states, and opens channels for a clear and sincere communication.

Meditate with an Aquamarine by placing it against the heart or throat chakra to calm feelings of anger, release fears and/or phobias, and connect with your intuition.



For Pisces who usually tend to wear down by helping others, the Amethyst's energy can be very useful due to its energetic cleaning powers and its protective light. This crystal is one of the most popular because it increases the psychic powers and strengthens the connection with mysticism. The Pisceans take advantage of the Amethyst by cleaning their aura when they are depleted for always wanting to help others, sometimes neglecting themselves. Likewise, this gem is considered the stone of transformation and illumination used in ancient civilizations to cure addictions and negative patterns.

Place an Amethyst on your crown chakra and visualize a purple bubble that expands its purple light around your entire aura.

What are you waiting for to do Magic? If this text reached you, it is because you are ready. Keep your heart open, trust your intuition and start taking advantage of the supernatural power of these tools that the Planet gave you.

“Come on baby light my fire!”

By Fabiola Marquez

Creative Director | WARIMBA

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Pictures Credits: Alberto Zanetti @pepozanetti