February, better known as the month of love, purification and transition, it’s the perfect excuse to dedicate some time to yourself and perform practices that raise your self-love. I’m aware that every day is essential for this, but with so much advertisement related to Valentine's Day and media’s fairy tales thrown at us to sale more stuff, it’s easier to fall in the temptation of lowering your vibrations if you don’t have a partner with whom to share on these dates.

I remember since I was in high school all the show made around February 14th, I dreamed about getting flowers and letters from anyone, regardless of the person who sent me those was of my liking or not. Now that I look back I understand that everything was a matter of EGO and lack of self-love.

The important thing is that the years have not passed in vain and now I get that the most important and essential kind of love to receive must come from within. Yes, I know this may sound cliché and a lot of times people make fun of this concept, but it is scientifically proven that love and compassion for oneself are key for maintaining well-being and mental health.

For this reason, I want to share a super simple flower ritual perfect for guiding you towards unconditional self-love and invoke energies to manifest your desires of affection to yourself. Since ancient civilizations like the Egyptian and the Tibetans, flowers have been used for healing the soul, mind, and body and it is believed that its essence contains magical powers that can be transmitted by touching them or absorbing their smell

What do you need for this ritual?

  • LOVE

  • Rosemary flowers or essential oil.

  • Lavender flowers or essential oil.

  • Iris flowers or a fresh flower of your choice.

  • A large bowl of boiling water.

  • A towel.

  • To breathe deeply.

  • Establish a clear intention of the kind of love and passion you are looking for.


  1. Fill the bowl with boiling water halfway and add five leaves of rosemary or five drops of essential oil to symbolize love, longevity, and wisdom. Then add five leaves or five drops of lavender oil to honor spirituality and womanhood. And finally, add an iris flower, representing the manifestation of your desires.

  2. Tilt your face towards the bowl of water and place the towel behind your head to retain the vapor and absorb all the messages of clarity, harmony, and balance that the flowers bring to you. Inhale its aroma and feel how step by step you catch the magic of its perfume.

  3. Breathe deeply and listen to the messages that nature sends you, aligning with Divinity while you fill yourself with energy and activate the full power of your creativity and sensuality.

  4. When the water cools, take off the towel and put your hands with some petal you have left over on your face, squeezing them carefully. Visualize how you fill with infinite love and happiness so you can make the most of what’s left of this winter.

The more you practice acts of self-love, the stronger the message sent to you will become and the more solid the foundations of your love will get, no matter what happens on the outside. As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect".

Remember that the most beautiful love story is with yourself... All answers are within you...

By Fabiola Márquez

Creative Director | WARIMBA