"What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling every single time"

What would you do if somebody told you that you have the ability to attract into your life the things in which you focus your thoughts and emotions on? Would you change something? Or would you continue to create your reality unconsciously?

There is a Universal law considered "the most powerful law in the Universe" called the Law of Attraction. It says that "you attract into your life those things, circumstances, and conditions that correspond to the nature of your dominant and usual thoughts and beliefs."

So if the Law of Attraction is real, how do we explain that we often attract situations or people in our lives that are not according to what we really want? The answer is simple… Even though we are powerful machines of manifestation, magnets so to speak, our mind generates between 50 to 70 thousand thoughts per day, which many of these (depending on how conscious you are or not of them) are negative thoughts. And, by thinking about what you don’t like, scares or bothers you, you attract precisely that, since you unconsciously think about this most of your time.

It is important to understand that absolutely everything is made up of energy vibrating in different frequencies and that you attract what has a vibration according to yours. Your brain acts like a magnet because it is the processing room of all the information you receive every second. Your dominant vibration is determined by your mind and the thoughts and beliefs that it generates. It’s for this reason that you must make sure that the information you receive is positive; avoid intoxicating yourself with negative energy, stressful situations and news or television programs that promotes violence.

How can you start deliberately creating for manifesting what you really want?

Esther and Jerry Hicks in their book "The Law of Attraction" suggest doing the following way:

Divide your day into Segments with Intentions

A super useful tool for deliberately creation is to establish an intention before each activity you do. From the beginning of your day get used to determine what your intention is or what you are looking to achieve with the activity you are going to do. Some examples of questions or statements by segment would be the following:

  • What do I want at this moment?

  • As the day begins I will make the most out of it.

  • I intend to relax completely.

  • I'm going to eat very delicious foods that will nourish my body.

  • I will go to X place and the journey will be very happy and enjoyable.

  • I'm going to meet with X person to communicate my business idea as clearly as possible.

As your day develops while each action you perform is with a specific intention, you will feel the impulse and power of your intentions and experience a feeling of triumph. Similarly, when segmenting, you will be forced to "stop" (even for a few seconds) and to act consciously and not on automatic pilot. This way you will ensure that your thoughts and motives are always positive.

Meditate 15 minutes a day

I don’t want you to get complicated thinking that to meditate you should go to India to "learn meditating". There is too much information about this topic and I know it can be a bit overwhelming. To meditate is to release the resistance, to stop listening to the mind and to listen to the voice of your Soul to increase your vibration. It is a time of detachment from the physical world that is very beneficial for relaxing the mind and for disconnecting from the outside world that is often confusing and problematic.

Set aside 15 minutes a day, preferably when waking up, to have a segment whose intention is to silence your conscious thoughts for connecting with your inner self. I must warn you that in order to see results, you must be consistent with this and trust that as you do so you will open the doors to another dimension that you can only achieve within yourself. And when you open these doors you will know yourself more and you will see the positive side of all things. And a positive mind is the same as a high vibration.

The workshop process

"The workshop is the place where you deliberately think and where the deliberate attraction of the thing or things you want begins." Its purpose is to provide the clarity you need to weigh your dreams in such a detailed way so that you can accelerate your creation.

Performing your "workshop" daily is very easy and will not take more than five minutes a day. To do so you must write on a sheet the following:

  1. On the left side write in a column the list of everything you are going to do that day.

  2. On the right side write the list of things that the Universe will do for you.

This way you will get clarity and you’ll align your thoughts in the direction of what you really want.

In summary, how are you going to get everything you desire?

  • Asking in a clear manner to the Universe what you aspire with your whole being → Clarity.

  • Maintaining the sustainable feeling that you know that everything you think and desire will be granted → Trust.

  • Segmenting your day to day so that everything you do is aligned with your intentions → Pause / Segment / Focus.

  • Being happy all the time despite the circumstances → To keep your vibration high and attract situations and people in harmony to that vibration.

  • Surround yourself with nature → The perfect antidote for bad thoughts.

Whether you like it or not, you are responsible for how you feel and the reality you create for yourself. You attract what you are and it is enough to desire with a lot of eagerness, to feel emotion for the NOW and to trust that the Universe works ALWAYS in your favor.

Enhance your desire. Trust. Be thankful. Learn to ask and above all, learn to be PATIENT.

By Fabiola Marquez

Creative Director | WARIMBA


The Law of Attraction. The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham. Esther and Jerry Hicks (2006).