Calm your mind with a spiritual trip anytime of the day at any place

For us to achieve welfare and an optimal state of mind in times where society “lives to work”’, stress takes part in the daily lives of almost all people we know. Mankind is in desperate need to learn to create imaginary places that provide a recess to the mind.


There is a healing tool called “Safe Place’’ very useful to implement at moments filled with worries that invade our thoughts.


The central idea of the “Safe Place’’ as a treatment in psychotherapy was developed by Dr. Neal Daniels in the eighties when he was working at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. In psychological terms, “a safe place is considered an emotional sanctuary where people can recover their internal stability when they feel stressed’’ (Shapiro, 2001).


This “calm place’’ is an emotional state where each being achieve to feel deeply calm, without either fear or prejudice.


Over these past months, I’ve been applying the tool of the safe place in my meditations. I’ve learned that I must silence the mind so my body doesn’t get tired up, maintaining the physical-mental balance. I understood that I can’t wait until we bottom out, but I must prioritize the connection with my internal light along the day, every day. This way, I’ve learned to enjoy more to be present and to prioritize my activities so I can be more efficient with my times.


The steps that I recommend for the creation of this safe place, based in the fusion of techniques used by Daniels and Shapiro (2001) as well as the methods that I’ve practiced along my spiritual journey, are the following:


Look for a space just for you, closed or opened. The important thing is that you feel comfortable while sitting.

Look for a space just for you, closed or opened. The important thing is that you feel comfortable while sitting.


Close your eyes, relax your muscles. Think that the only important thing is the here and now.
Do the Nadi Shodhan Pranayama breathing exercises. Also known as the breathing of the alternating nostrils, this Buddhist/Hinduist technique is very powerful for cleaning and purification, enhancing the quality of the oxygen, elevating the vital energy (Prana), and liberating toxins of our system. This method is very simple and their benefits for calming the mind and cleaning the energetics channels of the body are fascinating. To do this type of breathing, first you must exhale, then obstruct the left nostril and breathe through the right nostril. Block the the right nostril for a few seconds and exhale through the left. Repeat the ten times.
Now imagine that you teletransport to a place that gives you calmness and security. A prismacolor space in which you can express freely while you go back in time and feel like a kid again, the only thing that matters to you is being happy and staying full of light. You understand that this is your safe place where you don’t need anything and at the same time you have it all.
Describe all the physical and emotional sensations that you feel while traveling inside your fantasy. Fill yourself with natural force and cosmic connection.
Let the sensation of security invade you entirely, and align your internal vibrations with all of the sounds and landscapes that surround you.
Now think of a word that helps you relate your imaginary space full of calmness and harmony. This will be the name of your “safe place’’.
Enjoy your adventure while connected with your consciousness, give thanks, and return “home’’ at the moment you feel that your soul and body have aligned.
When you wake up, I recommend you to write all the emotions you’ve experienced. Every spiritual journey leaves us a lesson, we just need to learn listening our intuition for interpretation.

Try this simple method of visualization every time you need it. You’ll see how step by step your everyday life will be more efficient, happier, and fortunate. Always remember that your safe place is yours, nobody can tell you how it is, how it looks like, or how you feel within it. This place is perfect for you and only you, with your work of conscience, will be able to create it.


Get lost in the trip and become an addict of being happy!


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