"When I say to be creative, I do not want to say that everyone should go and become great painters and great poets. I simply want to say that your life is a painting, that your life is a poem. " - Osho

Within each woman there is a "sacred space" that contains one of the most powerful healing energies that exists. This sacred organ is the uterus or womb, considered a source of emotional well-being and intuition capable of connecting a woman with her innate wisdom, passions, and physical vitality.

Having a womb is ​​one of the fundamental reasons that make us women. Obviously it is clear that the uterus is an extremely powerful place because it is the space where life is conceived. However, the womb is ​​much more than a space where babies grow. As an energetic center (regardless of whether a woman has a womb or not) this is the place where creativity is born, where sexuality is honored, and where unresolved traumas and conflicts are stored.

In this month where mothers are celebrated I invite all women, whether mothers or not, to connect with the uterus space which we often forget to give the importance and attention it deserves. Connecting with this sacred space also connects us with all the women who have passed through this land and those who will.

The Ritual

This ritual is to celebrate the Divine Mother that lies in every woman, to move any stagnant energy and to reveal the truth that you came to share with the World. Each woman is the mother of her projects, ideas, and dreams and this ceremony can help you identify them and bring them to life.

Wake up half an hour before sunrise and go to your favorite place in Nature. If you do not have time to go outdoors, you can do it in the comfort of your home.

When the sun starts to rise, start breathing slowly and deeply and feel how with each inhalation you absorb all the Sun’s energy full of fire and life. Give thanks for all the beauty and majesty of the natural force that surrounds you. Thankfulness raises the vibration and sets you in the perfect "mood" for any meditation or ritual.

Then, sit or lie down comfortably and set the intention of your ritual; something that you want to create and give birth in your life. Your desire must come from the heart and its manifestation must serve not only you, but also your community.

Place your hands in the space of the uterus in the form of a triangle downwards, joining the thumbs and indexes. The inverted triangle symbolize feminine power, the creative essence of the Universe.

Breath slow and deep, sending the air to your womb space. With each inhalation feel your belly expanding and with each exhalation feel your belly contracting. Repeat this type of breathing throughout the entire ritual.

When you feel relaxed and joyful, imagine how a small orange flame forms in your uterus. The flame burns softly and with each breath it grows and grows becoming more and more brilliant, filling little by little all your womb space. As the flame and its brightness expand, imagine how it extends down as a rope, traveling within the earth until it reaches its core.

Imagine this energy cord as if it was an umbilical cord, full of nutrients for your womb. Every time you breathe you absorb that infinite energy of the earth that cleanses and nourishes you.

While you are present, maintaining the connection of your uterus with the womb of the earth, ask yourself:

What brings blissfulness and pleasure to my life?

How can I express my creative potential?

What do I want to be born of me?

Give yourself a few minutes to be and allow the inspiration to arise…

Then visualize that all that creativity and ideas that come to you are implanted as a seed inside you and imagine how they begin to develop as a child in your womb.

Close this ritual repeating this affirmation:

"It is safe for me to express myself. To express my creativity.
I offer myself as a cosmic recipient for whatever wants to be born through me.
I see my womb as the gateway to all creativity, life and love.
I love and accept all parts of myself, unconditionally at this time."

It is normal to cry or feel emotions that are not necessarily positive. It's okay! Let any feeling flow… By creating space for the sacred womb’s energy, you allow this energy to move and release blockages that may have been there. In the same way, practicing this type of breathing will make you feel more connected to the Earth, grounded, and therefore more relaxed. You begin to discover a place within you whose truth and simplicity guide you like a compass. The problems that used to overwhelm you now begin to look simple and therefore you live calmer, happier.

Connecting with your womb is a practice that provides vision and vital information on how to move forward in relationships, projects, and your journey through life.

No matter how long it takes to give birth to your dreams, ENJOY the process.

By Fabiola Marquez

Creative Director | WARIMBA

Article written for Mia Astral's Blog. To read the original article in Spanish click the following link:


Menstruation Magic, Nadine Lee.